For most people life can be a balancing act. 

For those of us with ADHD, we tend to have even more challenges. 

I speak to so many women, like us, every day and the biggest challenges I hear about over and over again are:

  • Disorganization

  • Impulsivity

  • Difficulty focusing

  • Confused on how nutrition can help the brain

  • Have trouble creating good habits

  • Wish they could meditate

  • Feel overwhelmed and don’t know what to do next

Does this sound familiar?

It’s not your fault. 

The thing that all these things have in common is that our ADHD brains work differently. 

In some ways, it can give us an amazing advantage and in other ways, it can make things more difficult.

Imagine getting your brain to work better!

Imagine no longer feeling so overwhelmed that you don’t know what to do next?

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Are you ready to.....

Set your self up for success?

 Learn how to get your brain to work for you ?

Create a habit and have it stick?

Gain clarity in your thinking?

Use nutrition to help your symptoms?


What Can You Expect Out Of This Challenge?


Hi I’m Dr. Robyn Croutch, I have struggled my entire life with being easily distracted, disorganization, forgetfulness, poor time management and a bunch of other symptoms related to ADHD.

For  years, while running my private chiropractic and neurofeedback  practice, I’ve researched natural solutions for managing the symptoms of ADHD.

And what I learned was so helpful to me personally that I began teaching classes and offering wellness plans in my office.

The results have been truly amazing.

Now I want to share what I’ve learned with more people. So, I’ve created This 3 day challenge to share online what I’ve been successfully teaching for years in person.

This challenge  is for bright, capable women who want to learn how to gain clarity, direction, purpose and consistency.

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