5 Factor Focus is a system designed to naturally support the symptoms of ADHD by improving brain function.

ADHD is a common condition that is caused by differences in the brain.

Research shows that in people with ADHD:
Some parts of the brain tend to be a little smaller and/or take longer to mature.
Brain networks have trouble shifting gears.
Brain chemicals may struggle to get their message across.

We use a myriad of techniques and strategies to support the brain in its function to positively impact ADHD symptoms.
We achieve this by modifying your environment in 5 simple but impactful ways: nutrition, sleep, exercise, nervous system function and life hacking systems


You have heard the saying “you are what you eat”, right? Well this is true and when it comes to the brain, food is fuel. We need to make sure the brain is getting proper fuel. In the 5 Factor Focus Method, we talk about foods that can support your brain as well as foods that may not be your brain’s best chance of functioning at its best. We also discuss what supplements may be helpful for your specific brain needs.


When it comes to ADHD and executive functioning, exercise is shown to make huge improvements. Choosing the type of exercise for our personality can be the first hurdle someone with ADHD faces. We also need to stick to regular exercise in order for it to help improve brain function. In the 5 Factor Focus Method, we learn the best exercise for our specific brain and personality type.

We also learn simple, but specialized, exercises to balance the brain.


Sleep plays a huge factor in how well your brain and body work. Restful, restorative sleep is a powerful tool for regulating mood and maintaining attention throughout the day. We all know how foggy we can be if we aren't getting enough sleep. If you are anything like me, you need all the extra brain power you can get! In the 5 Factor Focus Method we will learn simple tips and tricks to getting that good night sleep.


Our nervous system controls and coordinates everything in our body.  Stress can highly affect how our nervous system is working (even in the neurotypical brain). Physical, chemical and emotional stress all can cause interference in our nervous system which makes our brain and body not function at its best.

ADHD can cause us to experience life more intensely, more passionately than neurotypicals. We have a low threshold for outside sensory experience because the day-to-day experience of our five senses and our thoughts are always on high volume. The ADHD nervous system is overwhelmed by life experiences because its intensity is so high. In the 5 Five Factor Method, we learn how to maximize our nervous system function.



  • Do you feel overwhelmed in stores, at the office, or at parties? Is it impossible for you to shut out sounds and distractions that don’t bother others?

  • Is time, money, paper, or “stuff” dominating your life and hampering your ability to achieve your goals?

  • Do you often shut down in the middle of the day, feeling assaulted? Do requests for “one more thing” put you over the top emotionally?

  • Are you spending most of your time coping, looking for things, catching up, or covering up? Do you avoid people because of this?

  • Have you stopped having people over to your house because you’re ashamed of the mess?

  • Do you have trouble balancing your checkbook?

  • Do you often feel as if life is out of control, and that it’s impossible to meet demands?

  • Do you feel like you’re always at one end of a deregulated activity spectrum — either a couch potato or a tornado?

  • Do you feel that you have better ideas than other people but are unable to organize them or act on them?

  • Do you start each day determined to get organized, and end each day feeling defeated?

  • Have you watched others of equal intelligence and education pass you by?

  • Do you despair of ever fulfilling your potential and meeting your goals?

  • Have you ever been thought of as selfish because you don’t write thank-you notes or send birthday cards?

  • Are you clueless as to how others manage to lead consistent, regular lives?

  • Are you called “a slob” or “spacey?” Are you “passing for normal?” Do you feel as if you are an impostor?

  • Is all your time and energy taken up with coping, staying organized, and holding it together, with no time for fun or relaxation?

When you join us for the 5 Five Factor Method, 

we focus on all different kinds of systems to help us manage

 and life hack these symptoms.

  • Time Management

  • Organization

  • Mindfulness exercises

  • Breathing exercises

  • Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Aroma Freedom Technique

Start creating your desired life today!


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Copyright Dr. Robyn Croutch