My Story
How I became obsessed with Young Living
 On September 11th 2001, my boyfriend, now my husband, lost his brother in the World Trade Center tragedy.   The weeks and months that followed were some of the hardest I can remember. I was constantly anxious, exhausted from lack of sleep, distracted, and just an all-around emotional mess. At the time, I was just two years out of chiropractic school and working for someone else, and I dreamed of opening my own practice. But I had no idea how I’d be able to do that while struggling with all that I was feeling. I’d always had issues with concentration in the past (paying attention in school had been a constant uphill battle), but now it was all just so overwhelming. It was so hard to think straight, to prioritize, and to focus on what I needed to get done. A friend gave me a few bottles of essential oils, and honestly, I didn’t think they’d be any help at all.
And yet two months later, I opened my practice.
By 2017, I was successfully practicing chiropractic as well as neurofeedback, a proven training procedure for many neurological and emotional challenges, including anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities, depression and ADHD. I was meeting more and more patients with these conditions, and the more I learned about ADHD in particular, the more I recognized that I, myself, had many of the symptoms. I had used my essential oils sporadically over the years, so I began exploring how they may have helped my own condition. When I started using essential oils and other natural products regularly at home, my own mental clarity and focus improved tremendously. In my practice, I was seeing miracles every day—a child on the spectrum speaking, a suicidal teenager thriving in college, a migraine sufferer running a marathon--countless patients were experiencing immensely positive changes. But as the cases kept coming in, I knew I needed to empower my patients to take responsibility for their own health, as I had with mine.  I became determined to share the benefits of natural health solutions with as many people as I could.
 That’s when I started teaching classes and offering wellness plans using Young Living's products. And the testimonials started pouring in. People were reporting better sleep, calmer moods, easier digestion, clearer skin, and so much more.  Patients with symptoms similar to my own were feeling more centered and focused.
 And then the MOST amazing thing happened. People started sharing the products that helped them achieve their astonishing results with others. That’s when I saw the possibilities for exponential growth.  I could still share my passion for physical and emotional health while helping others find with finding purpose and achieving abundance.


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