Tapping For Focus, Concentration & Mood

Emotional Freedom Technique

What It Is: 
Emotional Freedom Technique is a super-simple method of tapping specific points of the body (called meridian points) in order to break through mental blocks or emotional patterns that make you feel stuck.  By tapping on these specific points, you’re releasing stuck energy, so that energy can move freely along the body’s natural energy pathways (meridians). EFT can be particularly useful when you’re struggling to focus, because it’s simple to do. You can do it anywhere, you don’t need any tools but your own hands, and it doesn’t take a lot of time. I often use EFT when I need to get something done but just can’t get my thoughts to be still. I do it because it works!

How To Do It:  

The technique involves tapping with your fingers on specific points of your body while speaking out loud about the block you are trying free yourself from, in this case, a lack of focus.  You can use two or three fingers to tap on each of these meridian points in a specific order, while verbally addressing the issue you’re trying to free yourself from. To begin, you’ll tap on the first meridian point and state clearly that in spite of your difficulty with focus, you love and accept yourself, and you’ll repeat that action and statement two more times. Then you’ll tap on each of the next eight meridian points consecutively, each time addressing your negative beliefs about yourself and focus. When you’ve finished the round through the remaining eight points, take a deep breath.  You can repeat this process more than once if you’re feeling particularly unfocused or distracted.  After you’ve finished this cycle of tapping while addressing your negative beliefs, and you’ve taken a cleansing breath, then tap on the same eight points, in the same order, while making a positive statement about your ability to focus. If you did just one round through your negative beliefs, then do one round stating the positive.  If you’ve done more than one round through the negative cycle, then do the same with the positive cycle.

Now Try It:
These are the meridian points you’ll tap on, in order:
  1. Karate chop point of hand
  2. Inside of the eye
  3. Outside of the eye
  4. Under the eye
  5. Under the nose
  6. Chin
  7. Clavicle
  8. Under the arm
  9. Top of the head

At each point, tap several times with two or three fingers.

To begin, tap the first meridian point (the “karate chop” point), and say “Even though I feel unfocused, I fully love and accept myself.”  Repeat this process two more times, tapping on the same karate chop point while you make this same statement, for a total of three times.

Then, for the negative round, move through the next eight meridian points in order, beginning with the inside of the eye, and tap each spot, while speaking of your negative feelings about your ability to focus. Here are some examples of things you could say (but it doesn’t have to be these, and you should say what you feel):
“I can never get anything done.”
“I always feel so scattered.”
“Sometimes I’m really confused.”
“I can’t pay attention.”
“I’m so disorganized.”
Make one statement like this with each point you tap.  When you’ve tapped on all eight points, take a deep cleansing breath.  You can repeat this negative round more than once if you’re feeling particularly stuck.
Once you’ve completed tapping through your meridian points while concentrating on your negative feelings, tap your way through the same points again (excluding the karate chop point), this time saying something positive about your ability to focus (something you’d like to manifest). Some things you might say are:
“I am so organized.”
“I get everything done.”
“I’m super focused.”
“I do not procrastinate.”
“Nothing can stop me from getting things done.”
Again, make one positive statement (it doesn’t have to be these specific ones) each time you tap on a meridian point. When you’ve completed a round of positive declarations while tapping each point, once again, take a nice deep breath.  If you’ve done more than one round of negative tapping, do the same number of rounds for your positive statements.
After you’ve taken one last deep, freeing breath, you can get on with whatever it is you’re trying to focus on.
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