3 Simple Ways to Manage your Time

Set a time limit to complete a task: Setting time limits can help you focus and be realistic about how long it takes you to complete a task. If writing emails takes you 10 mins, but you only have 5 minutes to spare then move onto another task.

Prioritize wisely: Most tasks are either important and urgent, important but not urgent, urgent but not important and not urgent and not important. By labeling each task, it helps determine which tasks need to get done right away and which can wait (or be delegated out!)

Plan ahead: One of the biggest and best strategies! By knowing what you need to get done and how long you have to do it, you can break big sections of a project into smaller, more manageable chunks. This also comes in handy for real life! If you know that you have back to back appointments one day, then maybe don’t schedule a meeting with your boss too! Plan your big to-do’s when you know you will have both the time and energy you need to complete them

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