How to get things done by asking for help
Earlier this week, I challenged you to ask for help. How did it go??

I want to know tie that in with this tip.

A big challenge for ADHD folks is getting things done. We know we need to get a task done. If it’s big and overwhelming, we are taught to “break it into small tasks” but that is a task itself! So how is *that* supposed to get done?! Geez!

Ask for help. Do you know someone who loves making to do lists? Who is organized? Maybe it’s your friend, neighbor, parent? Ask them to break this huge task into small pieces for you.

If you are embarrassed, try framing it this way.. “hey, I have to do X and I just don’t know where to start! Where you start with this if it was you?”

My assistant, Debbie, is the detailed oriented one and I rely on that expertise often 😜
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