You don’t have to say Yes
It’s so easy to want to say ‘yes’ to every invitation, every ask of us, every event that is in the future. Yes, yes, yes. We will do it all! Which is all fun and games until it becomes too much. Too much stimulation, too much stuff to get done and not enough time. 

This is a toughie because it means making some hard choices and possibly hurting feelings for a brief moment.. but it’s okay to say no. You don’t need to accept every invite you get (and offer to make all the food). 

Weigh the importance of the event, weigh what commitments (time, what you have to bring, etc) each event will take, what other events you have going on around the same time and make the best choice for YOU. Maybe make a suggestion to get together post holiday so you can enjoy the time together MORE. 

“I’d love to go to X with you but this month won’t work for me. Can we reschedule for another date?”

Do you have trouble saying no to invitations?
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