Antioxidant. A few years ago, this was ‘the’ health buzz word. (For good reason!) But what is it and why does it matter?

Antioxidants are Substances that help protect against free radicals. What are free radicals? Molecules that are produced when the body breaks down things it has been exposed to like smoke, radiation and food. When free radicals are left and not removed, they can cause damage to bodily function. Like the brain.

The good news is that fruit, vegetables all have antioxidants. Each serve unique purposes which is why its so important to vary your diet.

You may see foods labeled as "superfoods" but truly, all components of a healthy diet are needed. 

I personally love to drink Ninxia Red from Young Living because the wolfberries it’s made from have some of the highest count of antioxidants on the planet!

Have you seen a "superfood" that you have been curious about if its worth the hype? Let me know and I'll do some sleuthing for you.

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