Brain Dump
Have you heard of this? I have seen it make it’s way through some articles. I personally love it and use it on days my brain really feels a jumbled mess.

A brain dump is when you take a piece of paper and write unfiltered. You could use a computer if you prefer that. I like the tactical aspect that a pen and paper give this exercise. You write down your mental to do list, what you need at the grocery store, your thoughts and anxieties. Whatever the brain wants to dump out!

Then, here’s the secret.. you don’t think of it again. (Or at least not for a little bit)!

This frees up the mental load and space in your mind so that you are able to focus on the task ahead, sleep, meditate, etc.

Have you done a brain dump? Did you find it useful?

Check out the video I have on Overcoming Overwhelm for more great tips like this!
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