3 Ways to Stop Procrastinating
Raise your hand if you’ve ever procrastinated (I’ll raise both!)

Procrastination used to be me every day with most tasks. I could never focus to get anything done, I’d forget or I just didn’t want to do the task. 

I’ve found these 3 to be helpful to keep me on track.

1. Set a timer: pick a task, think about how long it might take you, set your timer, and work until the buzzer goes off. When it goes off, you can either take a mini-break (maybe set another timer for that! Hello distractions) or continue working. The force start by the timer may have been just what you needed. 

2. Pick a end task celebration: Write down your tasks while being mindful of what you can accomplish. The goal is a sense of completion, not overwhelm. The joy of crossing things with an added bonus of whatever treat you get when you complete a task. Do you want a break to listen to one song? Do you get to play with the dog for 5 mins? Make it joyful and fun. 

3. Accountability person: Find someone who can hold you accountable, check in on you but not lower your mood. Making you feel bad if you miss a task or procrastinate is not helpful. Pick someone who will celebrate your wins with you but encourage you when you need it. Maybe you could offer to be THEIR accountability person and you check in together throughout the day/week. 

What helps you not procrastinate?
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