Natural Ways to Combat ADHD
Natural ways to help combat ADHD through nutrition! 

- Watch for blood sugar levels raising too quickly then dropping it just as quick. Balanced meals, eaten throughout the day, are the best way to ensure your blood sugar stays balanced. 

- Food sensitives are another that has been shown to affect ADHD symptoms. The best way is to eliminate the food for 3 weeks, eat it again and notice any symptoms that disappeared when it was eliminated and then started again when you re-introduced. 

- Artificial dyes can be tricky! Studies have shown that they increase hyperactivity especially. Just like the food sensitives, the best approach is to eliminate and re-introduce. 

- Omega 3s are fantastic for boosting that beautiful brain! Fish, vegetables, flax seeds, and leafy vegetables added to your diet can be beneficial. 

Do you notice your symptoms worsen or improve when you are focused (or not) on your nutrition?
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