How to Handle Stress

Let’s talk stress.

Raise your hand if you experience stress?? (all hands raised, right?)

First let’s acknowledge this: stress is a normal part of life and, in fact, it’s necessary for us to adapt and grow.

But us modern women, we take stress to a whole new level. Rather than short, helpful bouts of stress, we are under chronic stress. And these come in multiple forms:

Mental and emotional stress: bills, work deadlines, family matters, relationships, self-image
Physical stress: over-exertion (hello daily HIIT!), injury, infection
Chemical stress: cleaning products, personal care products (i.e., tampons, pads), makeup, perfumes, skin care products

It’s no wonder “stress management” is so hard!

But, I’m not here to stress you out about the multiple forms of stress you are under every day. I am here to help you become aware of it and find ways to manage it in doable ways.

For example, now that you know that your makeup is contributing to your body’s stress load, rather than trying to ditch everything at once, start small. Wait until you finish a product before you purchase a new, less toxic (read: less stressful on the body) product.

You can take the same approach to any products that need to be switched out to something less harmful to your body. If you need help with this, reach out to me. I can help you switch out those products and help reduce the stress load!

Rather than getting overwhelmed by the stress in your life, how can you take a step back and get a bird’s eye view so that you can decide on your stress management approach?

What is your go-to way of handling stress in your life?

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