My Goal for the Week is to Keep To Do List Small

My goal for the week is to keep my to do list small. To conquer this, I work on one thing a time.

Keeping a small to do list seems crazy. Maybe you are shaking your head at me.. "Robyn, I can't narrow down my list!"

One trick I've learned is to make a subset to do list of my long to-do list. What are my most important items? What are my necessary items? Anything that can be done later (or sometimes not at all!) I don't write on my weekly to-do.

Make a note of how much time you REALLY have available for your to-do list, estimate the length each of your items will take and keep the items that you know you will have time for. If you know you will only have a brief 30 minutes each day, don't put a hour+ item on your list!

If you haven’t, check out our class, Overcoming Overwhelm while still Getting Things done. Use the search guide section.

What's your goal for the week?

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