How to Make Cooking Less Overwhelming

Here are my top 5 tips on making cooking less overwhelming!

1. Meal prep: This is cooking and portioning all your meals in advance for the week. Typically, this is done over the weekend but you can choose whichever day works best for you! I alternate between Saturday and Sundays.

2. Batch Cooking: Similar to meal prepping, you cook all your meals in advance but you don't need to portion them out that same day. Then the night before, pack your lunch for the next day. You have a little bit more freedom on what you eat and when than meal prepping!

3. Consider meal prep companies that supply you with all of the materials you need: While sometimes these aren't the most cost effective, it sure is easiest! I save this for times of my life when I am busy. They are great gifts too! A couple that come to mind are Balanced Bites Meals and Pete's Paleo.

4. Keep your recipes SIMPLE! Simple works! There is no need to get fancy meals on the table each and every night. I like to tell people that a hamburger cooked at home is better than a fast food hamburger even if it's "just" a hamburger. Search 'simple meals' on Pinterest if you need some inspiration!

5. Be sure to make "planned"-overs! (i.e., cook extra for dinner so that you have ready-to-go meals for lunch the next day): Psst! This is my favorite tip and one I utilize most often. Planned overs. You just double the recipe! A little bit more chopping, cooking, etc but you are already doing the work so why not! Then you have leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day.

Which of these is your favorite tip?

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