4 Apps to Help you Get Things Done

Forest: This is an app that is great for those of us who have trouble putting their phone down while they work. Open the app, plant a ‘tree’ and the tree will grow as long as you don’t touch your phone. You can work towards building a whole forest and have calming sounds to accompany you. The app has even partnered with Trees for the Future and let users redeem their coins to plant a real life tree! This app does cost $1.99

Engross: This app is a time management app that improves focus and manage distractions. It works by breaking work into 25-30 minute intervals based off the Pomodoro Technique. You even get mini breaks even few minutes! The breaks and work are customizable to your preferences too. The distraction timer within is cool! You hit it when you are distracted then it will give you the statistics about when you are most distracted. That way, if you find you are most distracted between 1-3pm then you can tailor your day around that. This one is FREE!

Due: Yup, it sets up due dates for you. If you are the type that forgets the when, what, and where then this app can help you! You can even choose when you want the reminder about your due date. It will even send you notifications until you ‘complete’ your task. You can even snooze or change the date when need. It syncs between all the Apple devices: watch, phone and desktop so you won’t be able to miss a reminder! The cost is $6.99

LastPass: Do you forget passwords? Do you forget the password hints for your passwords? I know I do! LastPass has been a lifesaver for me. It stores all your passwords in one place so you can ‘click’ and your passwords fill in. LastPass keeps all your digital information secure. It’s free if you don’t need to sync across devices. Plans are $3 a month for personal use.

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