Menopause and ADHD
Menopause also has a unique relationship with ADHD! 

First, research is being done on the link of how the cognitive changes during menopause can mimic ADHD but the research is simply not there on the effects of these changes to women who already have ADHD. But here is what we know!

Higher estrogen levels are associated with enhanced executive function. 

The declining estrogen levels during all the stages of menopause can cause the symptoms of:
- impaired attention and concentration
- impaired working memory
- impaired executive functioning
- impaired verbal fluency 

Many women have reported a worsening of their symptoms during menopause. While the research is still being done, just know that you are not going crazy if you feel you have gotten worse over time! Its not from a lack of effort but just a lack of hormones! 

I have definitely noticed this in myself! I work on making sure to take my supplements and do the things that I know lead me to be successful. 

Have you noticed your symptoms changing?
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