What is Progressive Muscle Relaxation?
PMR is Progressive Muscle Relaxation. 

It’s a technique that teaches you how to relax your muscles in 2 steps! 

The basics are: You pick your muscle group. Let’s say neck and shoulders. You tense up all the muscles of *just* the neck and shoulders and hold for 3-5 seconds. Then release and relax the tension. If you have the time, repeat for all the areas of the body. Arms, stomach, butt, legs, feet.

Some benefits can be reduction in physical problems such as stomach aches and headaches. 

PMR is helpful because oftentimes we get so tense that we don’t even know its happening. Doing this often will help clue us in on when our muscles are starting to tense up again. 

This exercise should never be painful! If any area is causing you actual pain, please stop and don’t continue with that area.

It might take some practice for your body to truly relax the area so repeating the muscles could be beneficial! My shoulders, for example, hold most of my tension! 

How do you feel about trying this out? Let me know!
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