Different Exercise for Different Personality Types

Want to know a secret? YOU don’t have to LOVE every type of exercise out there. Just because your best friend or soulmate enjoys running, doesn’t mean YOU have to.

We are all different, which means we all enjoy moving our bodies in different ways. And fortunately, there’s a variety of exercise types to suit the variety of personalities out there.

The American Council on Exercise (ACE), uses the DISC model for categorizing personality types. They are 4 types: dominant, inspired, supportive, and cautious.

Dominant personalities typically do fine working out alone or in groups but enjoy a challenge and like to quantify their results. If you consider yourself a dominant personality type you will enjoy exercises that require As Many Reps as Possible (AMRAPs) or even enjoy competitions/challenges.

Inspired types usually prefer group classes as they are people-oriented. If you are an inspired type, you may enjoy partner workouts or group-based activities. The fun of working with others is more motivating than counting reps or weight.

As the more reserved, task-oriented, and data driven personality, Cautious types prefer working out on their own. Regardless of what the exercise is, this type of personality enjoys tracking metrics whether that be reps completed, time needed to complete a workout, or even something like heart rate or steps.

While supportive personality types are also more reserved, they prefer the group environment over being alone. Supportive types typically do well in small-group programs where everyone is working towards the same goal.

In our program, 5 Factor Focus, we go into more detail about what exercises may work for you based on your particular challenges.

To read more, check out this article from ACE: 

Which personality type are you?

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