Sugar Names

Did you know that there are many different names for sugar?

That makes reading labels a bit more challenging if you don’t know all of them. I still sometimes get tricked by these sneaky names.

A quick run down is anything with the word: sugar, syrup, ends is -ose and even some fruit juice.

Why should you be aware of these different names?

Because sugar, in excess, can impact our brain function. The brain LOVES sugar. In fact, carbohydrates are the brain’s preferred source of energy. And that’s fine and good but carbohydrates from whole foods such as vegetables and fruits provide more nutrients beyond sugar than processed foods. Even whole grains, in the highest quality form, can still be beneficial for us.

If we consume too much sugar, particularly from low quality sources, we can decrease the production of a protein called BDNF (aka - brain derived neurotrophic factors). Without adequate BDNF, the nerve cells in the brain can become impaired.

Also, if our sugar intake is affecting our blood sugar levels, this can also negatively impact our brain function. So if you’re someone that rides the blood sugar rollercoaster i.e., sugar highs followed by sugar crashes which are only helped by eating more sugar-laden foods) then keeping your sugar intake in check is a crucial piece of the brain puzzle for you.

By being aware of the different names for sugar, you can become a better detective at finding sugar within the foods you eat, empowering yourself to choose different and higher quality products.

Which of these names did you not realize were sugar?

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