5 Signs you may have Inattentive ADHD
People who struggle with inattentive ADHD (formerly ADD) struggle with every day tasks such as-

You may:
- have difficulty completing tasks
- be easily distracted
- struggle with forgetfulness
- have trouble listening and/or following directions
- be disorganized 

Some strategies to help:
- break tasks into smaller chunks to help sustain focus. Each task should be manageable 
- try to find an accountability person, say coworker, who can discreetly bring you up to speed if you might have missed something
- put systems in place, such as lists, to help prepare you for leaving the house, etc. Using a family calendar can also be helpful
- ask if its okay to record a meeting so you can listen to it later to see if you miss anything, take notes, and repeat things back to people
- designate specific places for things. Each item should have a place to live in your house

Do you already do any of these? Which was most helpful to you?
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