Raise your Hand if you’ve ever Procrastinated
Raise your hand if you’ve ever procrastinated? (Emoji with hand raised) I know I have! 

We can reduce procrastination by specifying two things with our tasks: where and when. 

By getting specific on where you are going to do the task and when you are going to do a task can cut down on procrastination. 

By thinking/saying these out loud, you may even realize how silly it sounds! 

“I will host a meeting at 6pm in the living room when my husband is working out in the garage playing music on the speakers” doesn’t sound very likely to happen! 

Rather than, “I will host a meeting in my home office when everyone is out of the house at 1pm on Tuesday” sounds a lot more likely to be accomplished. 

Do you think this would help you get tasks done?
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